In Time & Place is a growing library of teaching materials for classroom, distance, or home use focusing on selected topics in American history. You will find many traditional reading, map, and photo related resources, but you will also find GIS (Geographic Information System) data and activities as well. All of the materials can be used individually or as a whole to build a unit on each topic in a way that best suits your and your students' needs. There are suggestions in some cases that the materials are well suited to group work or jigsaw type sharing activities. But these are not pre-packaged lessons; rather collections of resources that you can adapt to your style and specific classroom needs.

Students are able to put the events involved firmly in place as well as time.
They are able to investigate and analyze large amounts of place related data - giving an entirely new avenue for understanding historical events.
GIS software gives students another medium for developing both critical thinking skills and spatial literacy. 
GIS investigations are fun!

Last modified in March, 2017 by Rick Thomas